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Dokumentär: "Beyond Human" om cyborgs och robotar
« skrivet: 27 oktober 2010 kl. 19:54:07 »
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Dokumentären är ganska gammal, men ändå intressant. Av innehållet att döma verkar den vara gjord år 2000, då man bland annat får se Hondas P3-robot i del 4. P3 (Prototype 3) blev färdigutvecklad 1997 och var föregångaren till Asimo, som kom år 2000. Den första modelen av Asimo visas även i programmet, men den benämns inte som "Asimo". Även ett inslag från Robocup 2000, som anordnades 27 augusti - 3 september 2000, visas i del 8.

Beyond Human: The Cyborg Revolution
Part 1 of 9. Over the centuries, scientists speculated that we could tap into the body's electrical system to restore lost functions or enhance our powers, like machines.

Beyond Human: The Invasion of the Inhuman
Part 2 of 9. Science fiction has returned again and again to the merger of man and machine, the Cyborg, with fascination and fear.

Beyond Human: The Cyborg Mind
Part 3 of 9. As we steadily merge with our technology, the focus is on devices that enhance our senses and minds and knit us together in new ways.

Beyond Human: The Age of Androids
Part 4 of 9. Imagine a day when machines walk among us, expressing thoughts, emotions, demanding their rights. Today, we are breathing intelligence, even life, into creatures of silicon and steel.

Beyond Human: How to Design a Humanoid
Part 5 of 9. To build a humanoid that can function in our world is a bold challenge being taken up by isolated labs around the world. Researchers are infusing robots with abilities ranging from grasping to hearing and vision.

Beyond Human: Emotional Robots
Part 6 of 9. If tomorrow's robots are going to share our world, they will have to have something extra: an emotional and psychological dimension to help them communicate and respond in ways people can understand.

Beyond Human: Can a Robot Be a Person?
Part 7 of 9. As robots begin to move among us, how will we regard them: as property like automobiles, or as individuals with rights and responsibilities? Can a thing be a person?

Beyond Human: Robot Soccer
Part 8 of 9. To promote the rapid evolution of robots, one audacious group of researchers decided to start a worldwide robotic soccer competition. How soon before they challenge humans?

Beyond Human: Erasing the Line Between Man and Machine
Part 9 of 9. We are beginning to shape a tomorrow in which robots will walk and work among us. As they realize their own potential, how long before they cast us aside?

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